Advertising Guidelines

We try our best to make advertising as easy as possible for all our valued customers. Please read the following guide which we hope you will find helpful. If you still have any queries, please feel free to contact us on we will be very happy to help.

Q. What ads choices we offer?

A. You have a choice to advertise either on our website or App or both. App ads are mainly banner. For ads on our website you have the choice of either a standard ad or web banner. In addition, we offer social media campaign/ads as an optional addition.

Q. What can I advertise on GynaeFellow?

A. You can post any ad that is relevant to gynaecology and obstetrics. This could be, jobs, conferences, events, webinars, books, services, your organisation website, etc.

Q. How do I post a banner ad on your App?

A. Our banners are standard fixed size. Please email banner to . If you have your own design then we will use. Alternatively we can send you a basic banner design within 5 business days for approval.

Q. How do I post ad on Gynaefellow website?

A. Just email the text to Please send us the text in a Word document, up to 250 words. Please include your logo as a GIF or JPG attachment with a file size of 25K or less if you wish your logo to appear on the ad. We will send you the proofs within 2 business days for final approval and post within one business day and confirm the posting by email. If you have not heard from us within two business days, it means we did not receive your email.

Q. What information I should include within my ad?

A. It all depends on what type of add you have;

  • Job ad: We recommend that you include specific requirements for the position, desired qualifications, the specific number of positions, job starting date and any visa requirements (if indicated) since some applicants need to know this. We also suggest that you include contact name, an email address or telephone number.
  • Event/Conference/Webinar ad: We recommend that you include name, date, location and weblink to your event as minimum.
  • Books ad: We recommend book title, category and short summary
  • CME: We recommend you include title of CME, whom it it is for, cost if any, weblink and any other specifics
  • Product/service ad: We recommend you describe your product/service, price if any, link and any essential information you feel is important.

Q. Are there any ads you DO NOT post?

A. We cannot post ads that are offensive of violate the law by discriminating on the basis of age, gender or religion.

Q. How much does cost to advertise with Gynaefellow?

A. The cost depends on whether your ad is a banner or not.

  • Banner ads are billed on a monthly basis. We charge a flat rate of £750/month for mobile or web only banners. If you choose your banner to appear on both website and App then the charge is £1000. Minimum duration is one month.
  • All other forms ads are billed in a flat rate based on 6 months duration. the cost is £750/six months. Renewals before the expiry date and with minimal changes are charges £500 /six months.

Q. If I remove the ad before the expiration period. Do I get a credit for the balance? Can I re-post it later for no additional charge as long as it is before the expiration date?

A. No. Once the ad is posted, you cannot get a refund.

Q. How can I pay for my ad?

A. We accept payment from all major cards or electronic bank transfers. You can use the link on the electronic invoice to make the payment. Please notice, payment must be received in order to guarantee posting the add. Please email us of your interest specifying the type of ad to:

Q. I still have more questions, can I contact you?

A. Yes. we are always happy to hear from you and will do our best to help. For any queries or comments please email us on: