About us

How it started

It all started one day over bad coffee in the theatre (OR) break room when a group of trainees, including me, were

waiting for the theatre nurse to tell us of when the patient has been transferred to theatre (OR) room. Suddenly we were asking ourselves questions about best positioning and tried to anticipate some of the questions that we might get asked. We aimlessly searched our smart phones for anatomy pictures and videos tips to quickly revise the steps! Of course, we all meant to prepare the night before – but a busy labour ward, over-running theatre list, e-portfolio deadlines and night shift put an end to that plan!

So, there we were – in a www # world – with Google generating only fuzzy images claiming to be the pelvic side wall; wonky decade old videos; see “how good I am videos” and truly terrifying results when searching for ‘vulval anatomy’! The gynae-shaped ‘lightbulb’ moment…Eureka moment then gynaefellow idea was incepted.

As we chased to theatre (OR), we chatted the idea to our consultant and suddenly we had a team with support. In no time, our team grew with more support. You always hear being in the right place, at the right time with the right people! Well, one of our consultants is IT enthusiast who moved the idea from a theatre (OR) chat to a real project creating a to a concise, accessible and high quality, inclusive online learning resource for the ultimate ‘on the go’ learning experience dedicated to gynae trainees and anyone who is interested in female pelvic surgery irrespective of where they live.

The humble idea is now a reality and we hope you enjoy gynaefellow.com as much as we do!

How can you become a member of the GynaeFellow family

Our aim is to create a multimedia platform that offers bite-sized practical material that can be used all professionals to improve the quality of care. 

The concept is to offer the material simple and bite-sized which could be anything such as surgical tip/skill, quick summary of relevant paper, posting relevant mangement plan and so forth. We are always looking for new ideas and innovative ways to share the knowledge. Once reviewed and approved, your contribution will find its way to the platform with your name either publication or new service led by you.

We invite you to join our family and help to share the knowledge.

Our Values

Be Respectful and treat others, as you like to be treated.

  • We treat all with dignity and humility.
  • We save the face of the other person even if they clearly wrong.
  • We respect all cultures and benchmark to human values.

 Be honest, open and transparent.

  • We pride ourselves by taking honest and ethical approach.
  • We share our knowledge and techniques.

Strive to be the best but be humble

  • We listen to understand so we are understood.
  • We ensure our team are doers, motivated and well looked after.
  • We approach challenge and new ideas with “What can we do? And how can we help?”
  • We strive to provide the best solutions.

Be accountable

  • We all take personal responsibility and correct mistakes even if no one is noticing.
  • We focus on finding solutions rather than complaining, blaming or finding excuses.
  • We keep our promises; deliver on what we say and what we are going to do.
  • We find time to reflect; adjust and correct then move with confidence and peace.

Be the best but live happy

  • We aim to get the best outcomes.
  • We want our subscribers to stay with us because we are effective, skilful, happy and efficient.
  • We aim to work with the best and make them feel part of something they don’t want to leave.
  • We want our team members to work from the location where they feel happiest so they are productive, fully engaged with the best physical, mental and spiritual shape to wake up every morning fresh and energised.