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Latest Surgical Techniques

Visceral Sparing Total Peritonectomy
25 min read · March 2023
Modified Posterior Exenteration
15 min read · March 2023
Laparoscopic Resection of DIE of the Ureter
15 min read · March 2023
Excision of Endometriosis
25 min read · March 2023
Modified Posterior Exenteration (Ovarian Cancer) with End-to-End Anastomosis
25 min read · March 2023
Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
25 min read · March 2023

What is Gynaefellow

GynaeFellow is a collaborative ecosystem created by clinician for clinicians and beyond. Our mission is to improve women’s health care and save as many lives as we can through knowledge share and bridging the gap on a global level. Our aim is to create a trustworthy, efficient, easily accessible & sustainable gynaecological training ecosystem – training at your fingertips . 

Our concept is to cater to the different needs by using a blend of state of the art technology, science and humanity. We offer multimedia platforms; on the APP you find bite-sized skill focused videos, while on the website you can watch procedures performed by the experts,  attend webinars and catch up with relevant lectures covering different topics. We offer hands-on hands-on masterclasses at affordable rates.  

GynaeFellow platform is open for all colleagues to share their expertise and knowledge. All contributions are peer reviewed by experts in the field for educational value and relevance.