Case Discussion

What is the 'Case discussion'?

The ‘Case discussion’ is the chance to share experience and generate discussion – or even debate (!) – about those cases which may be unusual, interesting or complex. 

The idea is learning from what others have done and from what others would do.  

We invite you all to contribute by submitting your cases via the link below.  We advise writing in the following format and limiting to 700 words:

  • Title
  • Author(s)
  • Case presentation
  • Images 

A submission deemed of the most educational benefit will be selected on a monthly basis for publication via our website and social media pages as the ‘Case discussion’.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Vulvar cancer: management perspective

Written by
Mohammad Daas Amman - Jordan

Ovarian cancer management in the COVID pandemic era?

Written by
Sara Nasser, Berlin-Germany
Moiad Alazzam, Oxford-UK

Guidance for " Case Discussion" submission

  • We focus on cases with good educational value that gynaecologists will occasionally encounter in practice.
  • Ensure that the topic contains material necessary for, or of interest to practicing gynaecologists.
  • Write using bullet points and concise phrases. If you use sub bullets, be consistent in the indentation of the sub bullets so it is clear for the editorial staff.
  • Eliminate excess words and use a separate bullet for each fact.
  • To make the topic complete, include some images; clinical, radiologic intraoperative or pathology slides.
  • For each image, please submit both a caption and a figure legend. Please also indicate who owns the image, and who contributed the image. If you own and contributed all of the images, you can make a general statement in your submission.
  • Preferably include 1-2 relevant questions to your submission to enforce educational value.
  • References: you should use minimum 2 journal references and preferably 5.
  • We may modify the text to conform to our publication format.
  • We expect authors to be responsible and reliable.  
  • We may contact you with queries or suggestions regarding your submission. Please ensure your contact details are correct and up to date.