surgical techniques faqs

What is surgical techniques on GynaeFellow?

  • The concept is “Teach the way how you do it”
  • We aim to capture the tips & tricks  which you won’t find in the book!
  • All the information is presented in bullet points ‘direct to the point’ style. 

What is the preferred format?

We do not have a specific format. However, and for guidance, we advise using the following format;

  • Introduction
      • describe the indication for technique
      • your consideration and thoughts  before the incision
      • setup: patient position, the energy you use etc
      • images can be used to convey the message
  • Surgical steps
    • divide the procedure into key steps
    • describe in bullet points
    • support each step with the video up to 5 min
    • images can be used in addition to the video if there is a need.
  • Postoperative care
    • few points on what you do; drain vs no drain, what analgesia you use, antibiotics what and how long, when do you allow them to eat and drink etc.

How to upload the videos?

 There are two ways of uploading the videos

  • Authors can upload them through the “GynaeFellow” App uploading feature.  Please let us know what tags you used (these tags are used by the users to find the videos)
  • Alternatively, send us the videos with the rest of the submission and we will upload centrally with the author name/title as instructed.


Where will the videos be hosted and accessed?

  •  The videos will be hosted on “GynaeFellow” App server
  • The videos will be available free of charge to users both on the website and the App.

What will happen after I send you the publication submission?

  • A member of GynaeFellow team will email you back acknowledging the receipt of your submission. 
  • The material will be uploaded onto the website and App accordingly
  • We will send you a link to the page before publication for approval and/or final changes prior to publication.

What else do I need to provide with my submission?

  • We need a short biography and a picture in order to set up a page under your name on  GynaeFellow website. 
  • Please send us links of your choice  where the platform visitors can reach you e.g personal/work website(s), social media links such as FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and so forth. 

What happens next?

  • We will make the announcement of the publication of your technique through our social media platforms and push notifications systems.  
  • We will send you an annual report on how many times your publication was viewed on the website (with breakdown if you had multiple publications).
  •  You can view how many times your videos were viewed on the App (If you don’t have an account, we are happy to set up the account for you and send you the link with advice to change the password). 

Can I publish more than one surgical technique on “GynaeFellow” platform?

  • Yes
  • As long as the surgical technique adds educational value to gynaecologists and meets our publication criteria then we are happy to publish.

Would you still publish my surgical technique even if there is a similar one on your platform?

  • Yes: all submissions will be considered and are likely to be published if they carry educational value and meet our publication criteria.
  • Remember our concept is “Teach the way how you do it” and although the procedure might be the same, your technique is unique and would certainly suit the surgical style of some colleagues.