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Membership in  professional groups/societies these days often seems to work like the price of admission. You pay your way in for access to the most treasured resource of that organisation – the knowledge!

GynaeFellow repudiate this quid pro quo logic. Our platforms are available to anyone who seeks them out.

This means that joining GynaeFellow is a different kind of proposition altogether. It’s more like joining your local club or local radio station – as a matter of fact, you can always tune in. You don’t join because you need to show a ticket at the door! You join because there’s something unique happpening here, and it couldn’t happen without your support. Supporting GynaeFellow is like this…

We know, it may not always be obvious, but it is expensive to staff, develop, run a venture like ours, and to do this in an equitable and responsible manner. None of this would be possible without your support…

Join GynaeFellow, knowing that you’ll have a hand in sustaining one of the most innovative ventures in education and training today. 

There are other perks for you to consider – all products discount, free lectures &webinars (live and on-demand), ability to showcase & publish your own videos, research and clinical cases  without paying a fee! 

We invite you to help us figure out what else GynaeFellow could become in the years ahead! We share all these possibilities in the spirit of inclusivity.

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