This webinar is aimed to provide rationale for implementation and tips and tricks for successful mapping 

Target audience: all gynaecologists- gynaeoncologists 

The meeting will be ran online via Zoom. Please follow the link above to book your place. Please ensure you have internet connection to attend.  This course is a part of the “GynaeFellow Educational Events 

The will consist of a balanced mixture of presentations, practical tips & QA discussions.

Please also note the below –

  1. You must have a Phone/ MAC / PC with “Zoom” installed 
  2. You must ensure you have a strong and reliable internet connection to allow for video conversation.

Organiser: GynaeFellow Team


TBC … 


Prof . Ane Gerda Z Eriksson 

The Webinar is Free of charge to attend – all

Exclusive to GynaeFellow Members:

  • CPD/CME ( must fill the feedback form)
  • Watch on Demand