"Gynaefellow": A New Multi-Media Platform for Medical Students and Gynaecology Surgery Training


Mohammad Daas1, Mhd Anas Murad1, Tuqa Alhameedi1, Abdallah Al-Ani1, Aya Al shati1, Bushra Maaqbeh1, Sarah Addley2, Sarah Nasser3, Moiad Alazzam


1 The University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan
2 Oxford University Hospitals, Oxford, United Kingdom
3 Charite Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Berlin, Germany


This paper aims to study the adoption of new innovative online multimedia educational resources aimed to provide basic and advanced knowledge in all gynaecological training aspects, mainly focusing on surgical and clinical training. The focus is mainly on all health professionals who work or are interested in gynaecology, with no geographical restrictions.


A new innovative online multimedia educational platform called “GynaeFellow”. As well as, descriptive analysis to study users’ behaviours using online advanced analytics. Additionally, focused peer-reviewed of free access online surgical videos provided on the App and reading material offered through the website.

Website: www.gynaefellow.com

App (IOS): https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/gynaefellow/id149463566

(Android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gynaefellow.app&hl=en_GB


The rate of adoption of the website increased by over 7700% in the last 6 months while the application new users increased by over 580%. Moreover, the platform was downloaded in over 70 countries within 8 months of release. Website visitors’ use of the sessions rate increased up to 11032%. The adoption was global, as manifested by early registered users which include the USA, UK, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, India, UAE, and Jordan.


GynaeFellow provides high-quality, easy-to-follow surgical videos illustrating anatomy planes that are readily available and can be repeatedly accessed by the keen gynaecologists providing a self-directed learning experience that can be translated into practice in the operating room – increasing patient’s safety and enhancing each operating opportunity. In addition to initiating a research development department, this platform aims to expand the learning opportunities and sustain improvement both clinically and academically, in order to keep pace with the universal adoption of innovative educational platforms.