Uploading Video Guidelines

Uploading Video Guidelines @ GynaeFellow

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Thank you for taking the time and effort to upload and share your video on our, including you, platform. Our objective in GynaeFellow is to promote the highest standards of care.

Q1: Can I publish video on “GynaeFellow”?

Yes. “GynaeFellow” is open to publishing for all. One of our main objectives is to share knowledge and skills in a structured format in order to improve the quality of care for all patients irrespective of where they are.

Q2: Will all submitted videos be published?

No. In order to ensure high standards, all submitted videos will be reviewed by our expert panel. Once the video is endorsed by two reviewers it will be published on all our platforms.

Please notice:

  • Videos with no clear educational value will not be published.
  • Poor quality videos will not be published.
  • Videos that do not adhere to our terms and customer-use policies will not be published
  • Videos that are offensive will not be published

Q3: Are there any specific requirements for the videos?

Yes. We would appreciate it if you can adhere to the following criteria to ensure acceptance and publication:

  • Duration: No longer than 8 minutes
  • Format: MP4
  • Quality: at least 720
  • Voice over and audio: this is an optional choice, however if used it must be clear and understandable English.
  • For complex or multistep procedures: we advise authors to submit multiple videos using hashtag (skill, name of procedure(s) that it can be applied to).
  • Description Text: this is optional. If used the maximum number of words you can use is 500. You can add pictures for illustrations.

Q4: How can I upload a video?

  • Login to your account on the App.
  • On your home screen click the “Upload” button
  • Follow the instructions
  • Once the video is uploaded you will be prompted to add key words. We advise you use 2-3 key words that describe the skill in the video and procedure(s) it can be used for.
  • If you have co-authors please add their names in the free text provided

Q5: Can I leave a feedback?

Yes. We love to hear from you and have your feedback as this will help us to improve our platform. If you wish to leave feedback you can:

  • Use your App to leave the feedback
  • Click here Feedback

Q6: How can I contact you?

We love to hear from you all the time. Please feel free to contact us by email hello@gynaefellow.com