QuizMe 2

Vaginal discharge

A 25 year old pregnant woman at 12 weeks gestation presented to the clinic with a new complaint of white vaginal discharge.It is associated with a fishy odor.She is medically free with no allergies. What do you think is the problem? How would you manage?

  • Fishy odor 
  • Pregnancy 
  • Absence of allergies

Bacterial Vaginosis 

Amsel’s Criteria: 

  • whiff-amine test (Potassium Hydroxide)
  • Speculum exam: thin white homogenous discharge that coats the walls of the vagina
  • pH > 4.5 
  • Presence of clue cells on microscopy of wet mound (if available)

Metronidazole 500mg PO twice daily for 7 days

Only if symptoms recur or are persistent 

Increased risk of preterm birth

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